Kalum Johnson also known as “Str8 Money Kdog” is a multifaceted actor, hip-hop artist, dancer, comedian, and model. He has a dynamic personality which allows him to engage with diverse audiences and roles. Kalum possesses the talent and energy that turns heads in the entertainment industry. His charisma, astounding studio resume, and his street credibility also get him recognition in the business. Kdog dreamed of being on television as a star since he was 8 years old. He also started rapping at the age of 19. Kdog spent his early years in his hometown, Baytown, Texas. He admitted he grew up with big dreams of being in the spotlight and his role models were Michael Jackson, Mc Hammer and 2pac. What really motivated Kdog to achieve all that he has accomplished thus far were the streets, the trouble he was in, and the struggles he encountered growing up. Kalum became focused and achieved a college degree in Computer Information Technology and certified in Microsoft Network.  He is also a mentor to the youth and encourages the youth to do right and stay out of trouble because that's what he went through. Music is his way of putting his feelings in people’s ears. Kdog is praised for the energy and the hyper flow he brings to the table. Through his many talents, it never fails that Kalum brings out the best in everyone that he interacts with because of his luminosity to change the world one song and performance at a time.